Inteletek ScriptLogic

Inteletek's proprietary network administration software reduces client-side administration by providing group, operating system and connection-based control of drive mappings, path control, printer deployment, shell folders, Internet access, Microsoft Office paths, service pack installation, anti-virus signature updates and automatic mail profile creation. From a single server-based installation point, ScriptLogic assists administrators with the never-ending chore of reconfiguring the client operating system and applications' settings based on the user logging on. Best of all, it does so without compromising overall security and without the need to write a single line of scripting code!




Inteletek continues to help businesses save money by controlling excessive telephone call expenses through its SecureFone product. This small device is plugged into each handset and restricts outgoing calls. It can be programmed to block long distance calls, international calls, directory assistance, 900, 800 and 540 numbers - all but 911 emergency calls can be blocked. The device can also limit calls to a specified time. Because it is installed on each handset, the SecureFone allows granular controls for individual employees' privileges as opposed to blocks on the entire phone system.



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